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Nov 25 2019 Tips for Traveling with a Large Group BY sgf-adminTAGS


Traveling with family and other sizeable groups can be daunting, but luckily, there are ways to reduce or even completely avoid stress!



Look Into Group Travel Options

If you’re traveling with 10 or more, explore group travel programs with your airline. Many offer group rates which may include special discounts, a group coordinator at the airport, priority check-in, and more. Available options and regulations will vary by airline. 

Book Early

Getting everyone on the same flight takes planning. Book early to increase your chances. Flexibility in seating options will also help. If you’re staying in a hotel, booking your rooms early is also advisable, as it will improve your odds of rooming close together and it could save you money.

Have A Plan

Create a document that puts all key information in one place for everyone: date of travel, designated meeting place and time, airline name(s) and flight number(s), departure and arrival time(s), rental car or transportation at destination, and cell phone numbers for everyone in your group.

Double check the information two days prior to travel. Use group texts or instant messages to communicate efficiently. Travel apps like Prava and Travefy can also be helpful. No matter the option, organization is key. 

Provide copies of your travel plan for everyone’s carryon in case anyone loses cell reception or drains their battery.

Pack Like A Pro

Well-packed luggage and carry-ons prevent all kinds of headaches! Research destination weather and pack accordingly so you’re not caught off-guard. Try rolling clothes tightly to maximize space and minimize wrinkles and leave room for souvenirs if you’re likely to bring some home. If traveling with kids, bring snacks and portable games that aren’t noisy, like playing cards, puzzle books, or computer games (if appropriate). A small container of wet wipes is also a good idea. 

And of course, make sure your baggage is TSA compliant (https://www.tsa.gov/travel/security-screening/whatcanibring/all).


Plan ahead, communicate clearly and remember to relax and enjoy the flight! 


Nov 12 2019 Chicago Travel Guide BY sgf-adminTAGS General


Our airport offers direct flights to some of the most exciting destinations in the nation, including the Windy City, Chicago, made up of nearly 234 square miles of things to do and see! If you’re planning a trip to Chicago, consider the following tips and tricks to get the most out of your visit.

O’Hare Airport, commonly known as the Chicago Airport, is the 6th largest airfield in the United States. As such, it can be daunting to navigate. Take a look at the airport map before your flight to prepare.

When choosing your lodgings, tried and true Yelp reviews are a good starting place. Airbnb features a wider variety of eclectic hotel/room options; or check out Global Grasshopper for some cool and unusual hotel options.

For the foodie visiting Chicago, there is so much more to explore than the standard Chicago-style pizza and hot dogs! Visit these links for Cheap Eats, a First-Timer’s GuideKid-Friendly Restaurants, and Classic Chicago Restaurants.

Chicago’s popular tourist attractions include the Chicago Theater, Millennium Park, and the Willis Tower Sky Deck, but if you’re looking for something a little more unique, consider the following options:

  • Spice up the night at the Green Mill cocktail lounge. Founded in 1907, this bar has ties to the old Chicago mob scene. Listen to some classic jazz and swing music, or maybe a Sunday night poetry slam.
  • Watch today’s blockbusters in a gorgeous theater that originally opened in 1929, at the historic Music Box Theater!
  • Are you more active and adventurous? Want a fun way to explore the city? Check out 3Quest’s Chicago Challenge Game. This digital-scavenger hunt will have you all over Chicago exploring new places, solving clues, and participating in challenges. It’s like a puzzle, trivia game, and urban hike all rolled into one.

Enjoy visiting the Windy City!




The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) provides protection for airline patrons through the use of security checkpoints, a federal program designed to keep passengers safe. While this process is vital to the security of our passengers, we understand that this can seem like a burden to the busy traveler. To get through security at our airport safely and quickly, follow these tips. 


Tip One: Know what you can and can’t bring through security. Items that will not make it through the TSA security checkpoint range from clearly dangerous firearms of any kind and pocketknives to more innocent-seeming foam toy swords and golf clubs. Even paint can be detained at the checkpoint, if it’s flammable. For an exhaustive list of what can and cannot be taken through the TSA checkpoint, visit their website (https://www.tsa.gov/travel/security-screening/whatcanibring/all).


Tip Two: Dress for success. Wear slip-on shoes & socks for easy removal before screening and to avoid walking through the checkpoint barefoot. Avoid wearing anything that looks like a weapon; for example, a necklace shaped like a pair of brass knuckles won’t be allowed through security, so pack your edgy jewelry in your checked bag. While preparing to go through the checkpoint, you may remove your outerwear, such as coats and jackets. These items will have to pass through the x-ray scanner and having them off in advance will help things move more quickly.


Tip Three: Prepare your papers ahead of time. One of the biggest traffic jams at security checkpoints is caused by people waiting until the last minute to start pulling out documents. You can prepare for this ahead of time. Much like you can pack so that your laptop can be easily removed for scanning, you should pack so that your ID and boarding pass are easily accessible. While preparing to pass through the checkpoint, get your ID and boarding pass ready to go.


Tip Four: Show up early! This really is the easiest way to ensure a low-stress TSA interaction. When you’re cutting it close, you can become frazzled and disorganized, increasing the time spent in the security process. It’s also difficult to estimate how busy the airport will be when you arrive for your flight. Showing up 2 hours before takeoff could save you from missing your flight.


Following these tips can help you get through TSA as quickly and efficiently as possible. Learn more on our website (http://www.sgf-branson-airport.com/tips) or on the TSA’s official website (https://www.tsa.gov/).