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Springfield residents are proud to say our town has a vibrant local arts scene, as well as a prestigious museum filled with art exhibits originating from all over the world. While under quarantine, though, a lack of access to this inspiring work can feel like a blow to our collective well-being. Luckily, there’s no shortage of access to virtual works of art all around the world. We’ve rounded up a few links below for when you’re looking to get a little inspiration from all over.



The famous Louvre Museum is offering virtual tours of multiple exhibitions and galleries. Explore the Petite Galerie’s exhibition "The Advent of the Artist" to view works by Eugène Delacroix, Rembrandt and Tintoretto, or virtually walk through the remains of the Louvre’s moat. 

Literature lovers with an eye for art may be interested to learn more about the literary preferences of van Gogh in “Which books did Vincent van Gogh Read?” The Google Arts & Culture presentation walks viewers through the famous paintings inspired by van Gogh’s favorite novels, his sense of humor, and his morals.

If architecture and astrology interest you, visit Google Arts and Culture’s Incredible India section, and navigate to the Jantar Mantar Observatory showcase, Dehli’s outdoor astronomical observatory.

Those with an interest in how fashion plays a part in culture and art should check out “Maracatu and the Alagoas Warrior: Afro-Brazilian Festivities”, hosted by the Afro Brasil Museum. Visit the museum’s Google Arts and Culture page for a wide selection of work celebrating the art, heritage, and accomplishments of Africans and Afro-Brazilians.  

For more modern art from the other side of the globe, virtually visit the National Gallery of Victoria and take a 3D tour of their “Japanese Modernism” Exhibit, featuring major works by young female, large-scale paintings by young Japanese artists, color prints, fashion, glassware, street posters, magazines and graphic design.

For many more of the world’s historic arts and culture pieces you may find interesting, take a look at the London-based Museum of the World. Their interactive timeline of the museum’s collection, organized into categories like “Living and Dying,” “Power and Identity,” and “Religion and Belief,” features pieces from all across the world, dating all the way back to 2,000,000 BC.

Looking for some guidance with your own artistic endeavors? Be sure to follow the Springfield Regional Arts Council on Facebook for guided portraiture, painting, dream journaling sessions, and more. And of course, follow Springfield-Branson National Airport on Facebook to stay informed about your options when it’s safe to travel again, and let us serve as your connection to the world.




In times of turmoil, communities across the world and close-to-home come together to take care of each other. For those families taking care of kids, some extra care and resources may be necessary. We’ve compiled a list of local and online resources and activities for families in Springfield, to help keep our local youth safe, secure, and creatively stimulated while staying at home.



Local Resources:
Springfield Public Schools, while closed for the duration of the stay-home order, are offering free breakfast and lunch for kids Monday through Friday. A full list of locations and more information is available at the SPS website. Several locally owned businesses are offering free meals for kids as well. Be sure to check with your favorite local restaurant for their options.
The Springfield Discovery Center is offering childcare for healthcare workers and their families. They’re also fundraising to offer free childcare through the STEM Education for All fund. To sign up or donate, visit the Discovery Center’s website.

Online Resources:
Explaining the concept of an epidemic and why we need to quarantine can be difficult for parents and guardians of young children. If you need guidance on how to address your child’s concerns, the Child Mind Institute suggests talking openly and honestly, avoid reinforcing frightening fantasies, and reassure them by maintaining a routine and focusing on what your family can do to stay safe. Visit their site for more advice, or check out advice from the NY Times or NPR.
Of course, while quarantining, kids are still learning and growing. If your children need additional guidance with mathematics, Khan Academy offers online classes. For those struggling with reading, Progressive Phonics offers free progressively sequenced books online or to print out. Modulo offers even more modular home-based learning and is free of charge for the duration of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Online Activities:
During this time of uncertainty, it could benefit kids to learn about stillness and focus. Headspace for kids teaches children centering and breathing exercises that will benefit them in times of turmoil and in the long-term. If they need a more physical outlet, Cosmic Kids Yoga offers a free YouTube catalogue and additional content on their app, and Chase Dance Company offers a sizeable library of prerecorded beginner ballet, contemporary dance, and acrobatics classes for kids on YouTube as well.

Local Activities:
While social distancing, families aren’t confined to their homes constantly. While staying home to limit social interaction is encouraged, kids and adults alike benefit from fresh air and sunshine. At this time, rather than visiting a park or playground where close contact can be tough to avoid, families can check out our local trails and go for walks or even bike rides. Visit springfieldmo.org/trails for a full list of options in the area. 

We appreciate everyone in our community doing their best to stop the spread by staying home. When the quarantine and stay-at-home orders are lifted, we look forward to serving Springfield families and visitors as your connection to the world once again.





Springfield residents following a stay-at-home order to decrease the spread of Coronavirus have several options to stay involved with our community, from video calls with family and friends, to social-distancing-compliant walks on our park trails, to writing letters to the animals at Dickerson Park Zoo or sharing a journal entry with the History Museum on the Square. You can even check out the airport’s current Sky Gallery exhibit, It Knows No Face, online at 7billionones.org.


While we are lucky to have such a wealth of things to do in and around our community, some may be feeling the itch to get out of town and explore, or at least make a plan to do so when the virus passes. For those looking to get out more while staying home, we’ve compiled a list of virtual attractions you can visit right from your own living room.


Explore Virtual Art Museums

From coast to coast, museums all over the country are opening up their virtual doors for your enjoyment. Check out the famed Museum of Modern Art in New York City to view both modern and contemporary works, including paintings, sculptures, film, design, and performance art. Similarly, the esteemed J. Paul Getty Museum of LA boasts art and archives from antiquity to modern-day, available online for your viewing pleasure. Familiarize yourself with the works now and add seeing these beautiful works of art in-person to your bucket list!


Investigate National Park Treasures

If the beauty of nature appeals to you just as much as art, you might consider reviewing a collection of found objects from national parks all over the country. In celebration of the National Park Service Centennial in 2016, Google Arts and Culture curated several collections of objects found in national park museum collections all over the country. Our favorite collections come from Arizona and Colorado. You could even use these collections to create scavenger hunt lists for your future national park adventures.


Watch Livestreams of Wildlife

While wildlife sanctuaries and exhibits across the country are temporarily closed to the public, the animals housed there continue to provide hours of educational entertainment. Learn more about wildlife with online events and videos like the North Carolina Zoo’s Zoo EDventures Online series, hosted through Facebook live events. Find more footage of natural wonders via Shedd Aquarium, which you may recognize from the antics of its resident penguins, which were filmed roaming the now-empty halls of the aquarium, looking at all of the other exhibits. Animal lovers will want to follow their Facebook page; they're sharing all kinds of behind-the-scenes videos and fun virtual experiences. Alternatively, you can view aquatic life at any time with the Georgia Aquarium’s Ocean Voyager livestream. By the time we can visit the animals in-person again, you’ll be an expert.


Check Out Specialty Museums

Go off the beaten path with your online investigations and check out specialty museums. For those with an interest in trailblazers, Fort Worth, Texas’ National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame is a must. The museum is dedicated to honoring women from around the world who have displayed extraordinary courage and pioneer spirit in their trailblazing efforts. Visit their site to learn about the amazing women they’ve honored. More interested in the glory days of organized crime? Check out The Mob Museum, one of the coolest museums in Las Vegas. The museum’s website is full of information to help get your mob history fix, including blog posts, video interviews, and a full digital archive. Go a step further and download the Mob Museum mobile app to take a virtual tour of exhibits. Of course, next time you’re in town, be sure to visit these smaller museums to see everything they have to offer on-site.


Even Visit Walt Disney World!

While the parks and resorts are closed for now, Disney has a full digital map of the park available online and many visitors have even uploaded videos from the seats of some of the most famous rides. Check out the Virtual Tour and start planning your future vacation from the comfort of your couch. 

When it’s safe to travel again, you can be sure that Springfield-Branson National Airport will be ready to serve as your connection to these destinations and many more all over the world.